Uninterrupted performance of critical systems



Business Summary

By definition, Business Critical Systems represent the most important aspects of an organisation’s infrastructure. To trust that they are reliable, available and performing whenever they are utilised is imperative. Due to the critical nature of this work, standard RUM solutions cannot provide IT teams and business leaders with active assurance that their systems are robust and ready. Remasys’ Eagle-i monitoring service can provide such assurance. Using a tech agnostic, active monitoring approach, we deliver a unique solution to organisations requiring monitoring of business-critical systems.


The operation of IT assets and systems is critical for the majority of businesses today. To ensure systems performance and to reduce risk profile, effective monitoring and testing protocols must be present. Risks are often reputational or revenue related, but for organisations such as hospitals and emergency services, operation failure could place lives at risk.

To address and mitigate major risk, organisations must ensure IT systems and infrastructures are robust, secure and performing optimally. The continued success of such critical operations requires effective monitoring and testing capabilities.

Unique business requirements require different monitoring approach

Application performance monitoring for organisations delivering critical services must achieve more than simply gathering user experience insight and interpreting problems. Monitoring must provide assurance that platforms are meeting 100% availability metrics to pinpoint issues before they affect the end user. RUM (Real User Monitoring) solutions, providing notification of problems only once real users encounter issues, provide insufficient capabilities for critical systems. In addition, RUM solutions require a code “agent” to be introduced, a requirement that is often considered unacceptable by the rigid compliance protocols in place for critical systems.

Some critical systems or applications, such as a state bushfires notification system, may go weeks without user interaction. In such cases, a RUM solution would provide zero insight into system availability and performance over this period. If a problem has arisen, IT teams will be alerted only when a user urgently requires the system. Clearly, this highlights unacceptable risk in industries where every second counts. Organisations must seek out and employ active monitoring, providing system testing at regular intervals. System availability and performance is ensured, no matter when users access the platform.

Our Solution

Remasys’ Eagle-i monitoring service has been designed to meet the robust requirements of businesses looking to implement active monitoring solutions for their business-critical systems and environments. Eagle-i’s “through-the-glass” technology agnostic, agentless approach allows it to provide synthetic monitoring of any application, delivering regular, scheduled testing and monitoring of key user journeys to provide organisations with assurance that their critical platforms are ready to perform when called on. Furthermore, the active nature of the tool means that Eaglei is able to uncover issues before they affect end users, giving IT teams valuable additional time to identify and remediate issues.

Remasys’ monitoring experts work with businesses to understand their critical user journeys before automating these journeys using Eagle-i. These journeys are then run 24/7 at scheduled intervals, collecting vital performance and availability metrics that are of high value to businesses. In addition, Eagle-i records a video of the user journey to provide a visual record of the journey in the case of issues. Eagle-i is delivered as a managed service to its customers, offering high-class monitoring and testing capability without the need to invest heavily in internal expertise and resources.


Eagle-i’s agentless methodology requires no code integration into core applications.

A typical Eagle-i monitoring solution is deployed as follows:

  • Selected end-user journeys that utilise core organisational applications, such as accessing ERP applications, are automated
  • Tests are completed every 5 minutes, 24/7 to monitor performance and availability of systems, with results delivered in centralized, web-based GUI
  • Managed Service

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